Undeva la Palilula

Making-of for some of the vfx of Somewhere in Palilula /Undeva la Palilula.

Palilula is a fictional place somewhere in Romania, where time stops and escape is impossible. For 2012's Somewhere in Palilula feature film I supervised on-set several shots and additional practical effects plates for fire and smoke.
I had to do greenscreen composite, changing or creating the backgrounds, simulated and rendered new fire and smoke elements, and made the destruction of one of the buildings. Several shots involved matching background sequences to the camera movement of the main plate and composited (spoiler!) the frog that eats the main hero at the end of the movie.

DSG animation + vfx

VFX producer, on-set supervising : Dragoș Ștefan
VFX, on-set supervising, compositing: Vlad Pășcanu