I always loved drawing. Being inspired by my father's art book collection and then by several graphic novels and games, I experimented with different techniques and tools from watercolor, acrylic to digital painting. While sketching is one of my passions, I found that the ability to draw and quickly express an idea on paper helped me during various projects or by doing concept art or matte paintings. I can also quickly adapt to a particular style if I need to create new art inspired by the art direction of the movie or commercial.



For the second season of HBO's Umbre, I was asked to make a teaser using a graphic novel/ film noir style while the camera moved through the freeze frame. I started with some quick thumbnails, then reimagined and drew the shots using photos of the actors as references. You can see the final teaser and more of the production process here.



H. P. Lovecraft works were my introduction to fantasy literature. This illustration is a personal project done in Procreate and ClipStudioPaint and depicts Lovecraft’s imaginary god, Cthulhu. My style usually consists of a flat line and shading, but for this painting, I tried a more realistic approach translating my knowledge of 3d materials to 2d.



Toni junior is a kid with a powerful imagination and is the main character for Delaco's line of dairy products. For his adventures, I redesigned the secondary characters, backgrounds, and layout. My colleague Dan Panaitescu did Toni's design.You can find more about this project here.



This illustration is a personal project done with Procreate and ClipStudioPaint depicting the long-lost abominable snowman who wants vengeance against anyone who shovels snow.



For Percy3d, I worked on their online personalized invitations using licensed IP's like Transformers, TMNT, Monopoly or SpongeBob SquarePants.
For the assignment of creating original invitations for their party themes, I storyboarded, designed and supervised two of their projects. I drew variants for the time of the day or the sport chosen and delivered the production files for rigging and animation. You can follow this link for more info on the production process.



For Dacia Plant's line of products for children, I was asked to design and supervise this 20-second commercial while using a cartoony look. I did the concepts for the backgrounds and clothes, redesigned some of the branding elements ( the angel ) and animated frame by frame most of the background elements. More about this project here.



For Adevărul's commercials, I adapted and redesigned the key visuals provided by the client using a style resembling ink on paper and animated frame by frame some of the background elements. You can follow this link for more info on the production process.