Schlosslichtspiele Defilee zum 100

Schlosslichtspiele Defilee zum 100

"Defilee on the 100th anniversary of the avant-garde" is an ambitious mapping project in which iconic works of the avant-garde in the fields of painting, photography, and film move around the Karlsruhe castle façade.
I was responsible for recreating and animating an iconic work by Piet Mondrian using Houdini's SOPS tools. I also composited some of the shots and did the quality check and delivery of the video files. You can find out more about this project following this link.

A project by DSG animation + vfx

an idea by Andrei Ujica

Concept: Peter Weibel, Andrei Ujica, Dragos Stefan,Dan Panaitescu, Anett Holzheid
Graphics and animation: Dan Panaitescu, Dragos Stefan, Madalin Truica, Vlad Pascanu, Ion Arama, Alexandru Stoica
Music and sound design: Electric Brother, Vlaicu Golcea
Camera: Moritz Büchner